Where Did My Taxes Go?

Your $9,377.05 in taxes paid for:

Based On Data

federal income taxes

social security taxes
+ $3,131.00

medicare taxes
+ $732.25

capital gains taxes
+ $75.00

fuel taxes
+ $248.40

phone taxes
+ $50.40

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Some programs, such as Medicaid or Social Security, are funded in part by special trusts and payments that may appear separately on your pay stub. As these funds ultimately all go into a single federal general account, and all expenditures are made from there, the graph above depicts your actual tax burden regardless of these accounting gimmicks. Many online calculators do not include these special trusts, which is why their breakdown looks different than ours. Which is the 'truth' is really a matter of context and perspective.

How Your Annual Costs Change Under Each Presidential Candidates' Proposed Plans:

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Numbers do not take into account higher product costs as a result of business taxes, increased or decreased healthcare costs as a result of candidate proposals, or other complex economic effects.

If you did not enter data for capital gains, healthcare costs, or college costs, the comparison may not be accurate.

College costs, if entered, are amortized over a 50 year expected post-college life expectancy. This means that if you expect to pay $100,000 for college we calculate that you will spend an average of $2000 per year for the rest of your tax-paying life. This is so we can compare it to taxes that would pay for free college, which you would need to pay for the rest of your tax-paying life (not as a lump sum like actual college costs).

Some data requires estimation due to the complexity of the tax proposals, eligibility requirements, and limited precision of the data entered. It takes several hours to enter enough information for a program to complete your tax return for you; we have much less information to work with.

Based on data from www.BernieSanders.com, www.HillaryClinton.com, www.DonaldJTrump.com, www.MarcoRubio.com, and www.TaxFoundation.org as of 2/18/2016. If you see any errors, or updates that are not reflected in our numbers, please contact us.